Bloated feeling

Gas symptom relief

A bloated feeling and gas-related symptoms affect the daily routine and regularly disturb the small things in life which should be enjoyed. We developed Bloated Feeling/IBS Relief Capsules to provide fast relief from discomfort due to excess gas in the gastrointestinal tract.


125 mg Simethicone, Peppermint Oil. Vegan softgel capsule: Carrageenan, Corn Starch, Glycerine, Aqua.


Read the Instructions for use carefully before using the product.

  • Take the capsules after a meal, together with a glass of water.
  • You can also take the capsules before going to sleep, to ensure a good night’s rest without a bloated feeling.
  • Take the capsule with a glass of water, during/after a main meal. Do not exceed the maximum dosage per day.
  • If you forget to take a dose: Take a capsule(s) after the next main meal. Do not take a double dose to make up.
  • Do not take the capsules for more than 30 days consecutively.

review highlights

"I have used IBS relief tablet. This product is recommended by a friend and I was very in doubting in the beginning, I have tried too many product in the market. And now I think I am fall in love with it. This i say tablet is very helpful, I can feel the difference within 30 mins, also the delivery was organised and fast. I am willing to try other product."

pinky promise

Simethicone is known for being one of the most gentle and safe ingredients for the relief of bloating feeling and discomfort. We only use high quality Simethicone.

I use the V moisturiser and cranberry capsules. The products are really helpful for this sensitive area. The cranberry capsules can be used in different ways, I use them after I had my period to just clean everything. Or I use it when my V is irritated and it helps to balance from the inside. The V moisturiser is also really good for cleaning your V in the shower.
— N. Venrooy
Effective and easy to use VI Tablets for 7 days. Used the VI Tablets for 7 days. They were effective in treating the infection and provided fast relief from symptoms within the first hour. Would use again and would highly recommend to others.
— Emily
It provided fast and effective relief. Worked very well for me
— A. Brusa
Love the intimate products. They really work.
— Pam