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Vegan cranberry capsules

Our vegan cranberry capsules are full of antioxidants and provide the same health benefits as fresh cranberries. They are made from a high dosage of cranberry-active™ (dried and powdered cranberries) that has a proven anti-adhesion capacity against E. coli bacteria.

Interestingly, cranberries contain more antioxidants than many other commonly eaten fruits and berries.

  • 59% E.coli reduction after 10 days of using 1000mg cranberry-active™ per day;
  • Positive satisfaction rate from users.

Cranberry 500mg, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Solani Amylum.


Read the instructions for use carefully before using the product. Click here to download the leaflet.

  • The capsules are vegan and can be used by adults and children from the age of 12 years old.
  • Take one or two capsules per day with water. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.

review highlights

"As much as I like cranberry juice, it has too much sugar in it. Also, I was told by my doctor that I would have to drink A LOT of it to equal what the i say cranberry capsules offer. I believe that taking these have been instrumental in keeping me from getting UTIs."

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We use high quality cranberries that are naturally known to contain bioactive compounds commonly used for a healthy urinary tract.

I use the V moisturiser and cranberry capsules. The products are really helpful for this sensitive area. The cranberry capsules can be used in different ways, I use them after I had my period to just clean everything. Or I use it when my V is irritated and it helps to balance from the inside. The V moisturiser is also really good for cleaning your V in the shower.
— N. Venrooy
Effective and easy to use VI Tablets for 7 days. Used the VI Tablets for 7 days. They were effective in treating the infection and provided fast relief from symptoms within the first hour. Would use again and would highly recommend to others.
— Emily
It provided fast and effective relief. Worked very well for me
— A. Brusa
Love the intimate products. They really work.
— Pam